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B&C Art Shop
B&C Art Shop is a subsidiary of B&C Creativity, which is a collaboration between Bianca van Berkel and Curtis Darby.
These 2 amazingly multi-talented personalities have fused and new 'artistic children' were born.
View the work that they created separately and together. You cannot see the point where Curtis ended and Bianca started.
They attended numerous European and American exhibitions with their unique artwork that they call: "Binary Multi-layered Filtering Process". With this process they create artwork especially designed for a specific client and his/her desire. Bianca and Curtis think, feel and decide with you what color, size and image fits best in your office, main home or second home/retreat place to bring the best atmosphere and purpose.
They can personally assist you in your purchases and will travel to you or everything can be arranged through email and phone.

Contact these amazing artists and interior art designers also for personalized original artwork!

Email: bc_creativity@hotmail.com
Website Bianca: www.biancavanberkel.com
Website Curtis: www.curtisdarby.com

Biography (art) Curtis Darby:
As a child my first ambition was to become an artist. I had a talent for drawing what I seen. I found enjoyment and pleasure, creating something from nothing. This gift allowed me to express my emotions with a simple pencil and a piece of paper. Thereby, for a child I was in heaven. My elementary teacher and my parents soon became aware of my talents. I was encouraged when I was asked to hang my drawings in the school hallways. My parents arranged a test given my the Philadelphia Academy of Art. I passed their test and was awarded a five year scholarship. I started and finished and learned the skills and acquired the information needed to enhance my talents.
I also continued my regular classes in public school system...until my twelfth year. From that time until now, I have tried to use my art as an extension of myself.
I had my own expositions in the USA and also in Europe.
I've created drawings and painted nudes and abstract. My latest work is more abstract. I'm still using a lot of different materials and techniques.


Winter tree


Winter wonderland


Winter along the road


Looking at you


New and old




Striking a pose in reflection




Corpo Rosso


Roses have Thorns


Ins and Outs


Number 2


Naakte tattoo






Drop on in


Dragons being Born


The Dragon Skin


Sun over Tex-Mex




Mate Companion


Saxophone Outline


Woman on a Private Beach


Sitting Pretty


Madam Torso